Thursday, May 20, 2010

squirrels vs. seals

In church last week, our speaker shared a story that was pretty hilarious, but still got us thinking.

Him & his family went to La Jolla & as they were walking to the beach area they saw a squirrel just sitting there so his son [who's 5 i think] stopped to look at it. The squirrel wasn't doing anything, he was just sitting there staring back at the little boy. His Dad took a couple steps around a bush & some rocks & saw that, on the beach, there were at least 30 seals [or sea lions] just laying out on the beach & playing in the waves! Big ones, little ones, baby ones! So he went back to his son & wanted to surprise him & told him to come over to where he was because he wanted to show him something. The boy didn't move. His dad, really excited & hoping to get his attention, told him about the seals! The boy said "i'm just gunna stay here w/ this squirrel..."

moral of the story: Don't sit there, staring at squirrels when God wants to show you a beach full of seals!

Now, I personally really like squirrels & think they are the cutest most interesting creatures, but i have seen a beach full of elephant seals before & it is simply breathtaking.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Accidental Bargain Shopper

I went shopping w/ a few friends yesterday at the mall & I have to say, I didn't feel very accomplished or content w/ my findings.

I went w/ the mindset to find a "costume" for my friends Alice In Wonderland themed party & I kept finding soooo many options for different characters that I wanted to be them all!! If i could dress people for a living, I would be one happy camper.

BUT I don't dress people for a living, I dress myself... & I actually found a suuper cute dress that I'm forcing myself to turn into a character :]

I also found one article of clothing that I've been on the hunt for, for quite some time and I was ecstatic to find it!... marked down half price!... AND 50% OFF OF THAT!!! ha! So what once was a $60 article of clothing, I got for $15 :D

"What is this article of clothing?" you ask? WELL, it just so happens to be a trench coat. A purple trench coat. Who wears a purple trench coat? I believe the Joker does!!

So after I looked at the receipt & found how much I actually saved when I thought I was splurging, I didn't feel so down about my shopping trip. :]