Sunday, August 30, 2009

You're beautiful, it's true.

Sometimes girls just need to hear that they're pretty. Not hot. Not sexy. Pretty.(or beautiful) & it needs to be genuine. Not just some jerk trying to hit on her. Or a girl who says "you're pretty" but the look in her eye says "i hate your face!". lol no.
I don't exactly know where I was going with this, but i felt like it needed to be said.
So I said it :]
I know i have alot of issues with my own self esteem & self confidence & all that jazz. Whether it be my acne, my height, my weight, or my hair length (yeah i'm still sad about After 19 years though, I'm beginning to cope w/ my height. & as much as I hate to admit it, alot of it has to do w/ two guys, from bands I like, complementing me on being tall in a totally non-creepy way. [guess boys can be good for something...] I know it sounds retarded & I shouldn't care what these strangers think, but if it was for the better, why not? & I think the thing that i liked most was it wasn't coming from a shorty loving my height because they wished they were tall, it was coming from people who are taller than me. [yes! they do exist! haha]
again, I don't know where I was going w/ this. just thought I'd share, i guess. It's been on my mind lately & i haven't posted a blog in a while so this is what i give you :]