Friday, June 12, 2009

Need a blue sky holiday

I've been having a really crappy day!
Woke up at noon [horrible]. We ran out of cereal, so I settled for applesauce and a frozen burrito since it was basically lunch anyway. Went to go buy a gift for Ashley, who's wedding is tomorow, & forgot a card...and something to wrap it in. Went to go look at shoes for the wedding but the mother was being ridiculous and forcing me to rush through the store because we didn't have time because I had to get my hair did later. I said let's just come back after, but she insisted we just hurry. Didn't find anything...didn't look real well...we were both annoyed at eachother. Got the hairs did. It's gone. My hair is now up to my shoulders. It hasn't been this short since 7th grade. It's cute, but I cried. I'm still crying. I can't get over it. Now the hair style I was planning on doing for the wedding is out the window. Came home and was supposed to go back out to eat; DIDN'T. Ended up having chips & guacamole, a slice of cheese, and a piece of beef jerky for dinner. I thought we were gunna go get a card; DIDN'T. Was supposed to do laundry; DIDN'T.
So now, I have to wake up extra early to see if my dad would be kind enough to take me to find a card and get back in enough time to get ready and figure out what to do with the hair.
And all this gloomy weather isn't helping!
*deep breath*
feeling a bit better now.
maybe a hot relaxing shower and some tea will help.
sleep isn't sounding too bad either.