Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day plans!

This is probably the first time [at least in the past couple years] that i'm actually excited for Valentines Day.
My friends & I are planning on making homemade valentines cards for the boyfriends/girlfriends we don't have & then going to the beach & burning them.
I haven't decided if its a bitter action or if it's like that one movie where you'd write a letter to Santa then burn it & the smoke would carry all the kids wishes to Santa. Or maybe it'll be like a smoke signal to God. hahaha
Whatever it is, however we decide to individually take it, i'm excited :]
& I'm actually quite proud w/ how mine is turning out, even though my construction people is so old that my black is brown & my white is tan. [[hehe black&white; i honestly wasn't actually going for bitter]]