Monday, April 26, 2010


*while watching a preview for the Marines"
Nicole- I wouldn't want you to be one of them...
*switches to baby sea turtles in a preview for Oceans*
Nicole- I would want you to be one of THEM!!

hahaha had a great day w/ my sister yesterday :] went to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland then got some AMAZING Mexican food from a little hole in the wall place that i didn't even know existed!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our last name should be Murphy.

Today my mom & I went to Costco to return our TV we bought 3 months ago, a negatives to digital picture converter, & a computer program.
We get there & give everything to the customer service guy & he was nice, but him & this other guy couldn't open the box we very nicely repacked the tv in :] hahaha after a few minutes of them struggling, they finally got it but realized we forgot the remote... So we drove back home for the remote & brought it back.
He ended up giving us our refund moneys on a cash card [$1000ish], but forgot to give us the card... haha we got it, went shopping for a new tv, & after much looking & w/ the help of 2 very nice workers we finally decided on one.
The main nice worker who was helping us was also going to set us up for an american express costco card [i think that's what it was?] so he had my mom fill out this paper on top of a TV box & then we walked around somemore while he got us set up for the card. When it came time to pay my mom realized she didn't have the cash card!!

She went bizurk! The guy was freaking out for us. She ran around retracing her steps & rechecking her pockets. He ran to customer service to see if they could cancel out the account. I stood in the aisle checking her purse, NOT freaking out, then went to look at video games. haha [i found a bakugan one & thought of the coolest kid EVER, my cousin Ethan :) miss him!]
The guy came back looking for my mom, I told him she was "that way", so he ran after her. Then she came back & was like where is he?? So i told her "that way", so she ran after him. Then they both found eachother & went back to freaking out. He left to go see what he could do still & just as she was about to cry, & as i was telling her NOT to panic, that everything will be fine! I looked at the box she filled out that paper on & i saw something blending in w/ it, but not exactly belonging there.
Me-What is that?
mom- what?
mom-WHERE?! *takes closer look at box* *realizes THE CARD IS THERE!!*
mom- AH! *starts to run away*stops, looks, at me, "AH!"*continues to run away to find nice worker "AAAAHA!!"

Turns out he was on his way back to tell us that they wouldn't be able to cancel it because the office was closed. so PRAISE GOD we found it or some lucky bugger would be making off w/ our moneys! hahaha

after that the guy wouldn't let my mom carry anything of importance. He gave the receipts & her membership card to me. hahaha He was really nice about everything, he even laughed.

My life is a sitcom. & it's ruled by Murphy's law. But i wouldn't trade it for the world. :]

Sunday, April 11, 2010

witty convos

Mom- You know, you can get paid to go to school!
Me- orrr i can stand on a street corner & sell my body! :D [joke]

that earned me a "Gibs slap" but we had a laugh.

another funny convo between my friend & her mom while we were at the park sitting in a tree:

Lisa's mom- where are you guys?
Lisa- we're at the park.
Lisa's mom- what are you doing there? getting high?? [joke]
Lisa- well.... *looks down* we are pretty high!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter morning wake up call from Grandma.

[went to sleep at 3am]
phone rings at 9:30am
Me- mmhullo
Me- ...i haven't...

oh how i love that woman :D