Monday, March 30, 2009

I gave in...

I got a Twitter. hahaha

OhMyGoodness I leave in exactly one week for our roadtrip. I'm so excited. Off to San Jose for Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, Metro Station and Hey Monday!! Then to San Fran for major sight seeing, shopping, possible aquarium, and cousins I haven't seen in for-e-verr!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What the nasty is a twitter and what is it's purpose?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Go to, type in your name and see what comes up!

mandy is here
mandy is cute
mandy is such a special girl
mandy is toting candy canes in her backpack
mandy is giving you her butt (actually,no, i've become very fond of it.)
mandy is not anti
mandy is a dandy (if mandy is a dandy is liquor still quicker??)
mandy is a smoke colored domestic skunk and is the best pet i have ever owned (I resent that)
mandy is the bomb
mandy is a national spokeswoman for neutrogena products

mandy is a 9 (why thank you dear =])
mandy is a charming 30" artist porcelain doll (great...the creepiest kind out there)
mandy is also an evangelist and has an important ministry too (well you got one right)
mandy is the dumdass down the road (now that's not very nice)
mandy is an enthusiastic ball of energy
mandy is scared of butterflies (WTN?)
mandy is joined by big puppy bear
mandy is a virgin (correctomundo!) :D
mandy is a real dream (but of course ;) haha)
mandy is an adventurer (I try!)

mandy is not what the doctor ordered (correct on 3 levels. wasn't supposed to have anymore kids. 2.thought i was twins. 3.thought i was a boy)
mandy is a domestic
mandy is being picked on by a bunch of girls at school and can't find out ways to deal with it until she meets tanya a new girl who moves in down the road (so SHE's the one who thinks I'm a dumbass!!!)
mandy is the first deaf student in her school
mandy is asked to look at the dry cleaning mark on a shirt worn by an unidentified man who was shot to death in an alley in downtown denver
mandy is tall (no kidding Sherlock)
mandy is beset by a trio of bad girls who conspire to make her life a complete misery
mandy is adopting a family in sanford for christmas
mandy is extremely knowledgeable about things
mandy is only interested in one thing (apparently not butterflies)

mandy is not quite ready
mandy is still available (why yes, yes she is)
mandy is ashamed yet shame cannot forgive the boys don't seem to notice the mind of who they're with
mandy is an orphan (I've always sworn I was adopted)
mandy is an idiot
mandy is much more intelligent than she lets on (Yet I'm an idiot....?)
mandy is a 5 year old spayed female (WRONG! I'm not 5.... lol)
mandy is a cow of outstanding pedigree (COW?!)
mandy is short for amanda and means 'beloved'
mandy is jumpy with nervous suspicion (i didn't used to be....)
mandy is truly becoming a golden girl (move over Sophia!!)

Loves it! <3